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A “no read, no write” mother sends money to her daughter to use for the anniversary with the boyfriend!

This concerned netizen named “Krish Bustos” posted her experience with the woman in a money remittance center last Marso 21, 2019. She finds the woman hesitant and confused as she was holding the money and it seems that she does not know what to do. As she approached the woman and asked her about the problem, she learned that she could not write and read. She helped the woman and asked her if the money was for the school fee of her child but to her dismay, the mother said that it was actually for her daughter and her boyfriend’s anniversary.


She was shocked to know about this poor woman’s story. Though it seems that she doesn’t also know the meaning of the anniversary, she explained it to her and asked if they would still continue sending the money to the girl. But the mother insisted on sending it to her child as she was threatened by her own child that she would not talk to her again if she did not send the money.



Source: Definitelyfilipino