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A motorcycle owner was delighted to see a bird laid its eggs on the motorcycle!

Animals and human are created to create balance in our environment. Animals have needs that are given by humans. Same goes to the people’s need that we can sometimes get to animals. People can take good care of animals. That is why people oftentimes treat their pets and other animals the same way as they treat their loved ones.

On the other hand, animals gave so many different things to people. Some animals can lessen insects’ population while some serves as food to other animals. There are also animals that guard and defends their owners home and some even show and have love to their respective owners. That is why a balanced relationship is very important.

But what happened to this motorcycle owner was really something different. Because after he left his motorcycle untouched for a week, a bird had actually made a nest out of it. He was surprised at first but he was very delighted to know that a mother bird had made a nest and laid her eggs on his motorcycle.

Some netizens actually commented on the post saying that he has no choice but to use a public transportation because his motorcycle is already their new home. Another netizen shared his thoughts by advicing him not to use his motorcycle for a month, so that the chicks will hatch and definitely grow their wings and fly on their own.

The owner of the motorcycle decided not to use it until the chicks are hatched to protect the little babie of the mother bird. He also added that he can wait for them to leave so that they will never feel threatened. He really wanted the chicks to be safe and for the mother bird to saw them and to give them a chance to fly freely afterwards.

There are also some people who said that there is a deeper reason why the bird laid eggs on his motorcycle and not on trees. Maybe because there had been fewer trees than before. We should always be responsible in taking care of our environment and the animals living on it with us.