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A handsome millionaire is looking for an assistant to accompany him on his travel!

A lot of netizens were shocked to know that there was this handsome millionaire known as Matthew Lepre is currently looking for an assistant. He is a 26-year old handsome man who travels in different places all over the world to give advice on how to succeed in online business.

He announced the job offer on his social media through a video. According to Daily Mail news, the lucky employee-to-be will be having an annual base salary of $50,000 and an all-expense paid trip.
The only requirement is he or she should be able to multi-task, to organize itineraries, having a wide knowledge of social media channels and he or she should have a valid passport even for 12 months.

It was indeed one of the best jobs you can have as you can work, relax, and travel all at the same time.

You will definitely love this kind of job!

Source: Kami