A hairy creature was seen on the ceiling that brought them goosebumps when they did touch it!

There were actually a lot of amazing things that we can witness every day. Life never fails to amaze at with every wonderful thing it can offer. But, not many people know that there are also some things in life that can immediately give us fear, and goosebumps. Just like this environmentalist who had found something on their backyard as he does his hobby of capturing photos of many different things under the sun.

SC is popular in some social media platforms like Twitter because of his magnificent and incredible photos about our Mother Nature all over the world. He recently shared a video of something he thought was just an ordinary thing but little did he know that the creature will give him goosebumps as he touched it.

The viral video captured a lot of attention from the netizens as it really moves so creepy and will definitely bring you to fear. It was just recently when SC visited Sonora in Mexico. As he wanders around the place, he found something hairy which he thought was a sleeping fur animal, a stray dog or cat maybe. He had a doubt if it was really a sleeping dog that is why he touched it with a stick and he was shocked to see that it was actually a bunch of spiders!

He was stunned as he saw each spiders’ legs move out and went out of the way little by little until they were all gone. Those kinds of creatures are not poisonous and they are actually called “Opiliones”. In other terms, it is also known as “Daddy Long Legs” and “Harvestmen”. They are the kinds of Arachnids from the Opiliones order.

Though they are considered as “Arachnids”, they are not actually spiders as spiders are known to possess eight eyes and these “Harvestmen” only have two eyes.