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A father works a “kargador” proudly made his daughter finished her college degree!

We all know that education is very important when it comes to our children’s future. But because of poverty and some priorities, we tend to set them aside and give importance to food expenses. But nowadays, a lot of people are aware of how important education is. That is why despite a lot of reasons not to prioritize education, there were still some parents who wanted their children to finish their studies even with a little financial capability.

The story of this father who works as a “kargador” to support his child’s education will definitely inspire you. His daughter is very proud of her father who did everything for her to achieve her dreams to finish school. Mailyn Esquelito Akoy is never ashamed of his father’s occupation as it is a decent job and it was the reason why she finished her studies. Mailyn’s mother is a housewife who takes care of her other siblings.

Mailyn also shared on her social media account that she was aware of their situation as she grew up in a poor family and they live for ten years as an informal settler ever since their former home was burnt into ashes. She was also very grateful to her mother because she never abandoned them even if it causes her a burned hand. Mailyn had also been a tutor to help their household and school expenses. She even helps their neighbor to pack chicharon and she had also been a working student.

She also avoids extra-curricular activities in school that require her to spend her hard-earned money. She posted photos of her father who is trying his best on his work just to support her studies. She was also not ashamed to tell the whole world how a great person her father is. She is definitely blessed to have him as her father.