A father carrying his daughter while selling pens changed life after their photos went viral online!

There had been a lot of people who were touched with this father and daughter’s photo. The father was carrying his daughter as he was selling pens in the street. The father was crying because of the things that have to experience together. Maybe because of the hunger that they are experiencing at the moment that the father couldn’t help it but cry.

The father was later known as Abdul Halim Al-Attar who was a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon. His photos together with his child immediately went viral online which happened to be the reason why he successfully achieved his dreams not just for himself but for his family as well.

A lot of people wanted to help them out and one of them was the “IndieGogo” who gave them $191,000 or about 10 million pesos. The father gratefully accepted the help. Due to the deduction of processing fees and bank fees the total amount of money he received was only $168,000.

He never wasted the chance given to him to provide a good life for his family. He uses the money to built a decent home for his family and he also started to have his own bakery which has been his greatest dream ever since.

Their business becomes a success that is why he hired 16 other refugees to help him out with his business. They are selling delicious shawarma and mouth-watering bread which are loved by their customers. True enough that he was able to help other people because there had been some other people as well who believed in him and who helped him as well when he needed it most. We may be experiencing difficult times nowadays but there will always be people who are going to help us with the best of their ability and capability.