A daughter explained why her soldier dad is wearing uniform on her moving-up

Education is a treasure. No can take it from you! That is why many of us exerted efforts to finish our studies to have a brighter future. Also, we cannot achieve it all without the help and guidance from our beloved parents.

Each moving-up ceremonies are celebrated. It is something to be proud of. Mostly, students are happy with this event but parents are more proud of it. Because the achievement of their children is also their victory in life.

Inspite of being busy in work, parents find time to attend on the graduation or moving-up ceremonies on their child. It is also a remarkable event of their life that shows their hardwork were paid-off.

A student in Mariveles National High School in Bataan posted an explanation why her soldier dad is wearing his uniform on her moving-up.

April 4, 2019 was the date Rashian Erica Dematera shared a post defending her father for wearing soldier’s uniform. According to Erica, Her father did not have the time to change his clothes. Also, Her father was tired from his duty and travelled from Nueva Ecija just to be with her in her moving-up.

Erica said:
“Para sa lahat nang nagtatanong kung bakit naka uniform pangsundalo si papa nung moving up ko at sa sa isang tao na nagsabi na pasikat ako. Para sabihin ko sa inyo na galing sa duty si papa at galing pa siya sa Nueva Ecija para lang makapunta sa moving up ko.”

The explanation made by Erica is for a particular person who said that she was ‘pasikat’. Instead of being happy for her, some criticized her father as drawing attention.

She furtherly explained:
“Hindi na siya nagpalit ng damit dahil pagod siya. Kung makasabi ka ate girl ng pasikat akala mo yata di kita narinig hmmm. Buti nga yung papa ko gumagawa ng paraan para makapunta kahit na busy siya. Kesa naman sayo pwe!”

She also explained that her dad showed love for what he did. She is still fortunate because inspite of busy schedule of a soldier, he still manage to be in her moving up.

Erica said:
“Di yon pagpapasikat, pagpapakita yon ng pagmamahal ng isang ama, na kahit gaano siya kabusy na protektahan ang bayan handa parin siyang maglaan ng oras sa anak at pamilya niya.”