A Cool Mom Gave 2,000 Pesos to her Broken-hearted daughter with a Note #dramapamore

Being a parent is never an easy task. They are also responsible for the proper guidance for their child as they grow-up. But no matter how hard it is, parents should always give their child the freedom they needed. This will help them to grow as an independent person.

But sometimes, we seek guidance and help from our parents when it comes to emotional stress. They said, “Mother knows best”. Sometimes, we seek advices from our moms because they are more gentle and understanding.

There is a post went viral when she shared how cool her mom on helping her overcome her emotional problem. A Facebook User named Maria Florine Vergara Pressman shared her experience how her mom helped her in moving-on to her break-up with her boyfriend.

According to her post, she thinks that her mom heard her crying at that night because of the break-up with her boyfriend. She knew that her mother would be angry at her. She was always adviced by her mother “Di ka pa ba nadala? Magisip ka naman anak”.

But as she woke up in the morning, she saw a cash in their refrigerator worth ₱2,000 and a note saying “IGALA MO YAN! #DRAMAPAMORE”. Humurously, she said that if breaking-up will be the reason that she can gain this cash, she will be glad to repeat it again. Still, she is so happy and thanked her mom for her generosity and the type of love she received.

This went viral because of uniqueness of the story. Not all parents are like this. When parent heard her child crying, they will be mad at them for not listening. This only shows that parents have different kind of ways of expressing love and support for their child. It is because they want them to be responsible with their actions.