A child in Cebu sells mangoes and he had captured the heart of the public instantly!

It was really amazing to be a child, just a child who does nothing but to play, eat, sleep and study. They do not have anything to think of, nor problems and difficulties in life to solve. They would only focus and engaged themselves in studying well and playing with families and friends. It was very nostalgic to think that we had all became a child and a great opportunity to enjoy it.

Recently, the story of a child vendor in Cebu went viral on different social media platforms who patiently waits for his customers to come. A certain Iwa Yan had shared photos of the child online and it was captured from Binibining Toledo Talents Night in Barba Sports Complex, Toledo City. He also added that he did not share all the child’s photos just for the fame but to give importance on the hard work, patience, and commitment of the young kid even at a very tender age. The child on the photo who was selling mangoes was an amazing picture of a young kid who wanted to help his families in the most simple way he can. Although he was only earning a small amount, it can definitely help to the expenses of his family.

There had been a number of positive comments and reactions about the young vendor but there are more people who are worried about his situation since he is away from home and there are no other people to guide him, to protect and help him if ever there was something bad happened.

A child should be safe always and should enjoy life being a child. He should not be forced to work especially when it can cause him a danger in the longer run. Parents should always do everything for their children to be nurtured and nourished.