A barnacle basketball was found at the sea by this couple

A couple was having fishing trip and found a remarkable item on the sea. They were traveling ten miles south of the Isle of Wight in the sea of Poole, Dorset.

Ian and Annie Gilbert were amazed on what they found. It was a basketball partly coated with Goose Barnacles.

A simple fishing turns out to be a memorable event to their lives. They were amazed on what they found as they grab it from the sea.

They took pictures while Ian is holding the basketball covered with barnacles and even explained their theory how did the massive barnacles multiplied to create a remarkable figure.

According to Annie:
“We’ve never seen anything like it,”

She added:
“I saw something bobbing about in the water and shouted to my husband ‘quick, go get the landing net!’”

It was a once in a lifetime experience for them on finding this barnacle basketball. Maybe someone accidentally dropped it from the sea.

“When we brought it on board it was amazing. There were crabs and all sorts in there.”

They were tempted to keep the ball to serve as souvenir on their trip.

“It was beautiful. I’d have liked to have kept the basketball. It would have been such a cool souvenir.”

Ian said that it would take some years to create this voluminous goose barnacles. He also explained how the ball collected this much:
“The ball would have been floating about and a spore from a barnacle would have attached itself,”

“From there they self-reproduce. There’s probably a couple of years growth on that.”

” It would have been a shame to k!ll all those barnacles.”

Though they found a unique item in the sea, they were still concerned about the barnacles at decided to let it go. But for them, founding it was already a memorable experience.

If you were the one who found that barnacle basketball, should you keep it or keep it as a souvenir?