98-year-old tycoon rewards his son $14.2 million as he gave him his first grandson!

A lot of netizens were surprised about this rich business tycoon who rewarded his son a whopping $14.2 million dollars because he had given him his first evert grandson. He is the Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho who has seventeen children with his four wives and a lot of granddaughters!
He was very delighted to have his first-ever grandson from his 25-year-old son and his wife. The 98-year-old tycoon’s son was later known as Mario Ho and his wife Chinese supermodel Ming Xi were very happy to announce their son last October 24 whom they named Ronaldo. The public was very much happy for the couple’s bundle of joy.
Mario had also announced a few months ago that his mother wanted him to have a son and he would definitely receive 100 million yuan equivalent to $14.2 million dollars as a gift if ever that happens.
It might be a huge amount of money but it was nothing compared to the happiness Stanley feels because he already has a grandson who can carry the family name and continue his legacy. Ronaldo is the first of his generation and he also has a lot of female cousins! Stanley is very glad to meet his first-ever grandson even at 98-years-old! The casino magnate was not really mad at his children having daughters instead of sons, as a matter of fact, he also announced that he would give a huge amount of money for his children who would still continue to expand the family.
According to some reports, Stanley was really generous with all his wealth because the young couple, Ronaldo’s parents, was given 500 million yuan or $71 million dollars for their marriage just three months ago. But their wedding was celebrated in such a low key ceremony instead of throwing a grand and luxurious party.