17-year-old girl living alone in a place she calls home amidst a lot of tragic scenarios that happened in her life!

Despite all the tragic events that this young girl experienced in her life it never stopped her to continue living a happy life even though she’s alone in a place she calls home. She is the 17-year-old Li Mingling who lives somewhere in Lanxian County, Shanxi Province in China. Her house has a lush green lawn and front yard with a lot of tomatoes, green peppers, beans and corns. Some people thought that a happy and big family is living there but one teenage girl lives there alone all by herself.

She has been living alone in her home for several years already. She do laundry, cleaning the house, cooking and all the household chores. She even has her own garden for her fresh supply of fruits and vegetables.

She was not abandoned by her parents unlike some other children living in China. Her parents actually showered her with love until this unfortunate day happened when her mother left her and her father without any explanations. She was only six years old that time when she last saw her mother.

Her father believed that his wife left them because they were very poor that is why he worked so hard to earn money and he only comes home twice a year. Before going to bed, she would always use a thick wood to hold the door for her safety.

Even though, she doesnt have her parents living with her she knew hot to get everything done all by herself. Her father was diagnosed with [email protected] when she was 14 years old and passed away after a few months. Her grandfather also passed away due to a heart attack a year ago.

Even though her loved ones seem to left her quite early. She was determined to finish her studies and be successful someday for her father and grandfather be proud of her in heaven. Her uncle wanted to adopt her but she refused. The local authority even gave her monthly financial assistance aid worth 600 Yuan or US$87 to support herself.