Day: March 23, 2019


Gretchen Barreto finally spoke up how her niece Dani Barreto was raised!

Gretchen Barreto broke her silence about the viral video that her niece Dani Barreto had posted online. Dani Barreto revealed on her uploaded video her dissatisfaction towards her biological father Kier Legaspi whom she doesn’t have a chance to live with because she only had her mother who raised her alone. Gretchen Barreto doesn’t want […]

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Chubby woman before, sexy and gorgeous lady now!

In our society today, it became a standard norm that fat or chubby woman is not as good as a fit and sexy lady. Many Filipino tend to admire and idolize those slim women than the opposite ones. No wonder that a lot of chubby women are being judged by many people especially in social […]

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This child saved money just to buy her mother an expensive diamond ring!

  This child saved money just to buy her mother an expensive diamond ring! Recently, this 10-year old child from Hubei, China had caught the attention of many netizens as he wished to buy his mother a real diamond ring. One day when the mother and son was busy walking in the mall, the son […]

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The historic grave of Jesus was opened after 500 long years!

Jesus’ grave was reopened after 500 long years! It was located in Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem. It has been 500 years after it was opened. It was closed 1,500 times for its security and for the holy things inside not to be taken by thieves. It has been the very last time since it […]

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