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Witty Diver Posted A Sign Board on His Jeepney So Passengers Will Say The Funny Magic Word When They are Going to Depart

Commuting every day isn’t pleasant due to the terrible traffic, air pollution, messy road, and inconsiderate co-passengers. A jeepney driver in Dagupan, Philippines make a witty way to bring laughter to his passengers.

A netizen posted a video of her doing what the driver requires for his passengers when they are going off the jeepney. They have to say “Darna” aloud, Darna is a famous Filipino superhero that has been idolized by many, especially the kids. However, saying the word Darna in a jeepney is not normal, people may mistake you for being crazy.

Despite the crazy idea, Shaira Estrada still does it and even recorded it in a video which she posted on her social media account with the caption:

“Kinabahan talaga ako bago ko isigaw darna eh. ONLY IN DAGUPAN! kaloka ka manong driver!!! napasigaw tuloy ako para lang makababa(emoji laugh).”

Many netizens love the sense of humour of the driver, some wanted to ride his jeepney. Only in the Philippines!

Source: Thereaderfile