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What Can You Find in The World’s Smallest Island, You’ll Be Wanting to Live Here

Have you ever dreamt of living in an island away from stress, from the busy of the city, from your lousy neighbours? Yes, you can have it. You can find that peaceful house on the island cited in Alexandra Bay. It is located in between New York and Ontario.

The island was so tiny; it was named as the smallest island in the whole world. There lie a small house and a tree. It was initially called as Hub Island. But the name was changed since Sizelands family bought it. The size of the island is just 3,300 square feet, as small as a size of a tennis court.

Before it was purchased by the Sizelands, a lighthouse was there which is automatically run since no one can go there back and forth to do it.

The island is very famous to passers-by and locals because it is unique. It seems to be a perfect getaway; you can go swimming or relax at your doorsteps. Would you dare to live in this house for good?

Source: Elite Readers