Walang kwentang regalo ng boyfriend, nagpabago sa buhay niya sa huling sandali

Andrew is a tall, handsome, and intelligent type of guy and Carly is so proud of him. Their relationship is almost 1 year and they fell in love in the office where they work. Andrew is also hardworking and he always tell his dreams and life goals to Carly.

In their first anniversary, they went to a cheap restaurant and Andrew gave her a present.

While opening her present, she wondered what was inside the box. She was expecting if the box is full of chocolates or necklace because it was heavy until she saw a stone, literally a spherical stone.

Andrew laughs as Carly saw the stone and said “Happy Anniversary!”, but his laugh eventually fade as she sew Carly with a mad face.

Carly was disappointed but still thankful because it was from his boyfriend. Afterwards, Andrew became successful because of his diligence and perseverance.

Six years have passed, the day of their 7th anniversary, Andrew asked Carly to bring the spherical stone he gave to her and they went again in a cheap restaurant even Andrew is very successful.

Carly first arrive at the restaurant after some minutes, a waiter handed a piece of paper to her which is from Andrew.

“Carls, noon pa man ay alam kong ikaw na talaga ang gusto kong makasama habambuhay. Hindi mo ako iniwan kahit noon ay softdrinks at sandwich lang ang kaya kong ilibre sayo, nagsilbi kang kakampi, kaaway, tagasuporta, minsan ay nanay pa sa akin. Mahal kita, happy 7th anniversary!” – Drew

After reading the letter, Andrew arrived holding something in his back. Carly taught it was a bouquet of flower. She was about to say “Thank y” but as Andrew reveals it, it was a hammer.

She taught that Andrew is making fun of her but Andrew asked her to show the spherical stone. Andrew gave her the hammer and asked her to pound the stone.

Carly pounded it until she cracked it. The stone has a little red box inside and she opened it.

The box contains a very elegant ring with a “MARRY ME” carving. Andrew said, ever since before, I know you are the one!


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