“VIRGIN. Yes, we still exist.” This Short Graduation Caption of A Girl Struck Netizens

Graduating is an important moment to all who did it, especially with honors. But this girl proudly graduate not with honors but by staying a virgin. In this modern and liberated world, staying virgin when you reached the age of 20+ seems impossible or rare.

JDee Castre proved them all wrong as she posted her graduation picture with the caption:

JANVIER DEE C. MACAPAGAL, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management. VIRGIN! Yes, we still exist.

These words, short but very moving. A lot of netizens hats off with the caption, especially the old ones. But there are also who feels sarcastic about the post. But no matter how netizens reacted, JDee’s point definitely not missed by many.

Her post gained more than 5k shares, especially that it is really timely. Many students are proud of their graduation and some of their honors, but one thing they forgot- their dignity. What do you think of her short caption? Offending or she nailed it?

Source: Facebook