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Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna’s First Picture Together Date Back When Pauleen Is Just 7

It is very rare in showbiz industry to have a couple with a huge age gap. To name a few, we have Robin and Mariel, Senator Chiz and Heart, Hayden and Vicky, and probably the most controversy, Vic and Pauleen.

Vic and Pauleen have a chance to be together way back in 1995, Pauleen as a contestant in the Little Miss Philippines, and Vic as a host. Who knew that they would end up being together? And now, they looked happily married.

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It was the year 2013 when both break their silence and make their relationship open to the public. With a huge 34 years gap, Vic and Pauleen didn’t see it as a hindrance to their love story. Though many have raised their eyebrows, they proved that true love could wait.

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Now, Pauleen has established a good relationship with Vic’s children and recently, she gave birth to their first born baby. Indeed, this picture will remind them that love has no age.