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Unkabogable Vice Ganda Eats in a Karinderya, See How Humble He Is

The phenomenal host, comedian, brand endorser, and actor, Vice Ganda has seen in a Karinderya, and one of her friends/staff recorded a video of their adventure.

He comes out of His prestigious van and the Madlang people starting to recognise him and screaming out of their excitement.

Vice ordered in a Karinderya, and while waiting.He accommodated his fans and posed for pictures and do some small chats. While saying hi to his fans, a little girl went to him crying in joy and have a picture with the star.

He ordered a silog meal and seemed happy with what he is eating. He looks like an ordinary people eating in a Karinderya; it is not new to him since he was used to it when their life was still not doing well. Now that he is a star, he always wants to do some of the things he misses when his life is just simple.

After eating, a baby girl goes to him, and he puts it to his lap like it was his own. Aside from his talent, he stays on his feet and very friendly that is why many people love him, and this video quickly went viral.