Denver Jardiolin Medina shared a speech of a summa cum laude he witnessed in a graduation event they are covering.

The commencement exercise by ABE International Business College became a place full of mixed emotions, inspiration, and motivation.

Almost all of the parents came to tears like they were his real parents while saying and sharing his speech in the stage.

With all the dedication, determination, perseverance, and hardships, he now attained a college degree proudly with Summa Cum Laude award!

Raymart Reyes is the man behind all the tears dropped in every eyes of the audiences. His story before he attained everything is like a tele-drama but truly an inspiring one especially to those who don’t have the courage and thinks that it is hopeless to finish college education over poverty.

Raymart is a child of a farmer and pandan leaf harvester in province of Quezon. He took the chance to go in Manila to make money to have college education.

He sells belts and wallets along the streets from Baclaran to Monumento every day. He walks around 18 kilometers seeking customers.

There’s also been times that he got lost in Manila because he’s from province of Quezon and he aren’t knowledgeable with places.

Raymart went back to Quezon to continue his education after everything and luckily, he became a working student to support and take his education. According to him, it isn’t easy to be a student and working at the same time because it’s quite tiring and he always lack in sleep, and it’s for four years.

He did everything to finish his studies, now, he has a biggest chance to give his parents comfortable life being a summa cum laude awardee. Kudos to you Raymart! You are truly an inspiration!

Raymart S. Reyes
Summa Cum Laude, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
ABE International Business College – Lucena Campus

Posted by Denver Jardiolin Medina on Thursday, May 24, 2018


Posted by Denver Jardiolin Medina on Thursday, May 24, 2018


Source: Facebook

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