The Very Appealing Hua Ze Lei of Meteor Garden, See His Undistinguishable New Look

Meteor garden is a tv series from Taiwan which is very popular in the 90s kids. During the times it was aired, many teenagers and a young adult got really hooked especially to the love triangle of San Chai, Dao Ming Si, and Hua Ze Lei.

The appearance of the famous F4 is also one of the most awaited parts of the series.

The fans of Meteor Garden was so surprised to see the different look of one of its F4, Vic Zhou.

He played Hua Ze Lei in the series, his sex appeal on the series is so high as girls go crazy over him. However, he changed his image and at first glance, you will never know that it was Vic Zhou.

Most fans like his old look, probably, because of the impact of Meteor Garden to their romance-filled lives.

There are also many who are happy with his looks now. Some still feel the magic, and sex appeal of Vic Zhou and fans still love him, even on his new look.