Tignan: Ito pala ang anak ni Robin Padilla na pwedeng sumunod sa kanyang yapak!

The showbiz industry caters a lot of talented individuals who dreamt and are dreaming of becoming famous. One of the most popular is the Padillas.

Perhaps, the charm, looks, and talent each celebrity from the Padilla clan captures the hearts of many.

Enrique Guadiz – Flickr

Robin Padilla, if you may agree, seems to be on the top on his era. He was so famous as there are many Filipinos who are the avid fans of Robin, now, there are also young generations that idolized him.

His son, Ali, the only thorns between the roses, also wants to be in show-business. He shew off his talent when he first appeared on a teleserye entitled, Joaquin Bordado in the year 2010 where he was so cute and charming.

He is now groomed into a young man with charisma and of course, with a Padilla aura. What do you think of him? Will he make it to the top like his father, or will he become more popular?