Teenager’s Phone Blast Off While She Is On a Call While Charging It, Caused Her Life

Mobile phone is important in life; it lets everyone connects and ease the work of a person. Most of the times, people cannot live a day without it. However, after reading this incident, you will be careful in the way of using a mobile phone.

An 18-year-old girl from India died due to her mobile phone. She was on call, talking to a relative, but her battery almost went off, so she decided to charge it. They continue their chitchat, and suddenly, a loud and disturbing sound follows, her phone exploded. The girl was identified as Uma Oram, the brand of the phone is Nokia, the model is not yet known.

Her bother, Durga Prasad Oram said,

“The cell phone was put on charging when she started talking to a relative. Its battery exploded suddenly. Before we could know what exactly happened, Uma fell unconscious. She was declared dead at the hospital.”

The victim was rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital in India but, unfortunately, the explosion caused her death. She is clueless that her mobile phone will cause a tragic death. The next time you use your phone while charging it, think again.

Source: worldofbuzz