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She Gets Bullied Due To Her Dark Skin, Now, People Are Amazed with Her Transformation

In the Philippines, the color of the skin is a big deal. Most people found that having a dark skin tone is unpleasant, or unattracted to the eyes but not all the time. There are many black beauties around the country, but of course, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Glutathione is one of the best seller whitening agent especially in the country as many Filipinos wanted whiter and fairer skin. Just like this young lady, Erika Cai Cortez who tried to have a whiter skin and be confident. She used kojic soap to whiten her skin, and from then on, she achieved her desired skin’s color.

Many netizens were amazed with her transformation as her before and after photos look really different from each other, she stunned many people in social media. Many even thought that she uses Glutathione injectibles.