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See How This Gorgeous Lady Transformed Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Many women wanted to get sexy and beautiful. That is why there are many slimming and weight loss products everywhere. Some are cheap, and some are unexpectedly cheap just like apple cider vinegar.

Donie Lin, a Facebook user, shared her experienced with apple cider vinegar. She mixes one glass of warm water with three tablespoons of apple cider. She uses Bragg organic apple cider vinegar and takes the mixture every morning and every night.

She used to be called a pig, jumbo, whale, etc. When she was fat, she used to be rejected with a public utility vehicle or got insulted most of the times due to her being double-size. Donie was distress due to many names being called to her. People are bashing her due to her size, so she decided to have proper diet using apple cider vinegar.

Aside from it, she also lessens her rice intake. Look how her discipline makes her beauty today, netizens are inspired to her transformation.

Source: Facebook