Ryza Mae Dizon’s Youngest Sister: Pretty and Has Potential

Eat Bulaga’s Ryza Mae Dizon is undeniably loaded with charms, talent, and love for people. Her career had bloomed when she joined and Little Miss Philippines until now that she is one of the youngest hosts in Eat Bulaga. She is definitely full of talents, and of course, a cute girl.

Meet her youngest sister, Nicole. She is mostly seen during Ryza’s shoot and shows. Athough her sister is in the spotlight, Nicole stays hidden and private. According to her, she has no plan of going in showbiz. Fans love the way she carries herself with her OOTD and charming face.

Selfies and OOTD photos are on her Instagram and fans are beginning to discover her beauty. She is younger than Ryza Mae, but a little bit taller. They both shared the same smile and charms, they are also both pretty in their own way. Don’t be surprised if Nicole will guest on one of Ryza’s show; television will surely love these two lovely sisters’ charming faces.