Richard Yap’s Copycat: Her Stunning and Smart Daughter

Ashley Yap, a gorgeous vlogger, is a daughter of Richard Yap. Recently, Angela posted a video of her dad doing her makeup, and it turned out well.

Apparently, they have a very lovely bonding as father and daughter. This young chinita got the genes from both of her parents, but she resembles most from her dad. Aside from the pretty and charming face, Ashley is also an intelligent person.

In fact, she gets her De La Salle University’s Jose Rizal First Honor Certificate. The honor is given to outstanding students who excel extraordinarily.

Despite being busy at school, Ashley also manages to be on top of her career as a vlogger. On her YouTube channel, Ashley Sandrine Yap, she has 36k+ and counting subscribers and followers. She tackles mostly on travel and makeups.

She also has an Instagram account where she poster her fabulous OOTD, most of the times, with her handsome dad. She is one of a kind: beauty and brain in one.

Source: thereadersfile