Play Girls Bring Their Talent to Social Media, Wanting More Attention From Audiences

Recently, a group who joined Pilipinas Got Talent was on the trend as netizens keep on talking about the controversial performance.

It became more controversial due to Angel Locsin’s action as she immediately buzzes the group. Angel didn’t want the ladies to be objective of the men watching as she tried to protect them. She stood her ground on her stand regarding women rights.

But Play Girls seemed to misunderstood Angel, instead of thanking her, they got it to the next level. To fame or beyond that, they now have their Facebook page named PLAYGIRLS. The page continued to bash Angel and even threatened her by editing a photo of Darna with one of the girls’ face.

The Youtube video of their performance is still on top and with the fame they wanted- seems like they are getting it. However, with the bashing they give to the actress, more netizens are getting angry with the Play Girls.