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Pinoy Pride: The Filipino Makunouchi

Many have been amazed by a Pinoy boxer that was named as the Philippines “Makunouchi Ippo” by successfully defeating a Lao Boxer using the famous “Dempsey Roll” style.

For those who don’t know Dempsey Roll, it is a technique that was developed by a pro boxer William Harrison “Jack” Dempsey.

A move that enables the boxer to fires continuing rapid punches from either left or right while weaving his body at the same time to protect him from enemy’s attack.

It is an effective technique of attacking and defending at the same time. But most of the Anime fans have regarded this boxing technique to “Makunouchi Ippo,” the main character of a Japan anime “Hajime no Ippo” who uses the said move as his ultimate signature boxing move.

In a 3 minute video, the Pinoy boxer was able to pull this move by first lowering his stance and starting to weave his body almost avoiding all of his opponent’s attack.

With the right timing, he releases one knockout punch to defeat the Lao fighter.