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Paanong Nagbago ang Buhay Ni Vice Ganda At Silipin ang Kanyang Glamorosang Bahay sa Quezon CIty

The most famous host and favorably adored by the madlang people of a noontime show “Its Showtime,” Vice is the unkabogable queen.

The main host Jose Marie Borja Viceral a.k.a “Vice Ganda” shows his fabulous mansion in Quezon City which comes from his hard work. But before the limelight and this house, Vice life is not an easy road.

Once belonging to a middle-class family, Vice Ganda’s first job was selling water in Tondo, Manila. In Spite of his talent as a comedian, he suffered from a tragedy way back the year 1991 where he witnessed the murder of his father firsthand a week before his 15th birthday. This tragic incident changes the life of Vice’s family.

Due to what happened to his father, her mother had to go abroad and work there to support the family. Vice decided to help his mother financially by working in comedy bars until he finds his way to fame and enters showbiz. He even opened the door to his friends who are in need that have talents which can be a showcase in comedy bar and showbiz.

Now that he already reached the peak of his career as a comedian, he asks a Designer Avelle Francisco to design and build his Dream house in Quezon City. Vice wanted to keep the design simple yet elegant, mixed with contemporary and modern design, mostly the stuff are in color grey, white, or black.

On the other hand, his room remains bold in color where his personality shows. The designer even puts an umbrella-shaped lamp that symbolizes his popularity as an artist. The curtains are in color black and grey, so the bedroom still resembles the design and theme of the house.

There is a veranda on the second floor where Vice can relax and rest calmly. There is an egg-shaped rattan chair for an afternoon siesta. The bathroom is small, but the room has large mirrors for optical illusion so it will look huge


Even in the spotlight, Vice remains humble and very helpful, especially to his fellow gay friends. Despite his being gag in Its Showtime, Vice still shows his true color especially when there is a person in the madlang people who are in deep need. Vice never think twice about helping, and his co-hosts knew how big his heart to the madlang people.

His house in Quezon City is the symbol of his hard work, dedication, and passion for what he is doing. On the other hand, Vice is a symbol that one can survive the hardships of life through persistency and humbleness. That is why many madlang people love Vice, despite his career’s stand, Vice still give back to the people behind his success.

Source: InfactBuzz