OFW Was Urge To Come Home When Wife Got Pregnant By A Stranger

Pablito Gragasin left his family in the Philippines to work abroad to support his family and to make ends meet; he has two children aging from 13 years old and 14 years old.

But life has full of surprises when one day Pablito’s wife informed him that they would have a tenant that would like to rent the vacant room inside their house. At first, Pablito Gragasin told his wife that he’s against RJ Supang (name of their tenant) since the latter is too young and he will be left alone with his wife when the children are at school during day time.

Despite Pablito’s approval of RJ, the latter became closer to their family specifically to his wife. They even went to Tagaytay to bond with their daughter, months after Pablito went home for a vacation in the Philippines for his daughter’s graduation and found out that his wife got pregnant by their tenant who is RJ Supang.

Pablito’s problem did not end when he forced his wife to stop communicating with RJ, but unfortunate life events cannot be controlled nor prevent. Pablito discovered that his wife is secretly communicating with RJ, that’s when Pablito finally decide to approach Raffy Tulfo on his TV program to seek for help and answers.

Thanks to Raffy Tulfo, Pablito realized that he must leave her wife simply because she is not worthy to be loved and be forgiven several times.

Source: Kwentong OFW