No One Dares to Swim In This Enchanted River Every 12 Noon, Find The Mystery Why

There are many enchanting, mysterious, and magical stories in the Philippines. One of them is the enchanting river in Surigao del Sur. The river is called Hinatuan Enchanted River; some locals believed that it is under the care of enkantos, magical creatures living in the river.

The river is flowing towards the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean, it was discovered by Alex Santos in 1999. Later on, in 2010 three divers explored the river. It was Dr. Alfonso Amores who lead the exploring that goes deep up to 30 meters.

In 2014, Dr. Amores died due to cardiac arrest while he was unable to get out of the river. Many believed that he was played by enkantos and failed to find his way back to life on earth. The river’s unusual color brings ideas to the locals that it is the home of the engkantos.

Every 12 in the afternoon, everyone is prohibited to swim in the river. However, it is not related to the mystery in the enchanted river but every noon, the fishes that are habituating the river needs to be feed. So, the secret solved why there is no one dare to swim in the enchanted river every 12.

Source: Thereaderfile