Netizens Praised a Crew from Chowking Who Helped a Homeless Man who is in Pain

There are many homeless in the Philippines; some are sleeping in the streets with every day facing risks and dangers. The society are not open to this kind of people, most of the times, they are being pushed away.

Sad but it is the reality, there are many homeless that experienced the hardships in life by the people that supposed to be helping. Like what netizen Sophia May Alameda shared on Facebook. He captured a crew from Chowking who is helping a wounded, homeless man.

Sophia later discovered the name of the crew, he is Jay-r Cañete Pangan, just an ordinary guy who is kind-hearted enough to help other people. The photo was captured in Gaisano Butuan Mall, Butuan City.

Many netizens salute Jay-r for his kindness. Hope this will served as an inspiration especially to those people in the society who thinks they are much privilege than these homeless people.