Netizens Found of Ian Veneracion’s Handsome Son

Remember the matinee idols of the 90’s such as Aga Muhlac, Richard Gomez, and of course, Ian Veneracion. Try asking a tita or your mother what they feel about Ian Veneracion, and surely, they love the actor.

Ian’s lead role to “A Love To Last” make him the apple of the eyes of many women, even married ones. Due to his talents and charm, Ian is still hitting social media, especially his post while he is singing and playing a guitar.

Just like his dad, Draco is getting likes from netizens too.

Ian’s son is as charming as he is, and talented too. The two get along together when they go on a motorbike trip to Sagada. It seems like they both have fun and a wonderful bonding experience.

Netizens respond.

Ian and his wife, Pam Gallardo are both family-oriented, and they make sure their kids will enjoy the company of each other and have a special bonding that they can treasure for a lifetime.

No wonder Ian is loved by many netizens, so as his kid, Draco who has a big potential on entering showbizness one of these days.

Source: thecampfirethoughts