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Naiyak nalang siya nang bigla itong ibinigay sa kanya ng 3-year-old niyang anak

Arman just got home from his work one night when he saw that their house is full of mess. His wife is working home-based and he’s pretty sure that she’s busy in front of the computer at their room.

She also saw their 3-year-old daughter named Lia who made the mess, specifically art papers and boxes in cuts.

He is tired that night due to his work and he got hot temper because his daughter is holding a sharp scissor which is dangerous for a child.

He scolded his daughter and ordered her to go to her room. Arman arranged the mess after and went to sleep without eating because he’s weary.

Next day morning, he woke up and felt that there’s someone looking at him. As he open his eyes, he saw that Lia was the one looking at him. Arman asked Lia why she woke up early in the morning and then he noticed that Lia is holding a box with messy covering.

Lia said “This is fol you Dada, my plesent to you”, talking with an innocent words.

Lia handed over her gift to her father and then Arman opened Lia’s present afterward but with his surprise, the box have nothing inside.

Arman taught that Lia is just joking around until Lia told what’s inside her present.

Lia said that she put and saved all of her kiss inside the box for him and his heart were crushed and tears fell down in his eyes after hearing it.

We always forget to make time for our loved ones because of our work but we should always keep in mind that we also have job as a parent.


Source: Indaytrending