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What happened to David Lee Niles still remained a mystery. His family can’t accept that.

David, a 76-year-old, went missing on 11th of October 2006 after meeting his friend. According to his family, he went in Jake’s bar, a local pub house in Byron Center, Michigan.

They were told that after seeing his friend, he hurriedly left the pub and no one seen him after that.

David was also experienced serious sick that time so they suspected that, that could be the reason why he hurriedly left the pub. They can’t think of any other reason for him to be missing.

They conducted search operation to find David but after five years of searching, they were not able to find him. His family lost their hope to see David anymore.

They finally accepted and announced what happened in obituary. David Lee Niles, 72-year-old from Wyoming.

Nine years later after David went missing, a man named Brian Houseman noticed an image of a car in a lake near his house while browsing how his house looks like overview in google earth.

Brian reported what he saw in Wood-TV that he saw a car in the lake. You can’t easily notice it because the lake has dim color and the car cannot be seen by bare eyes because its angle is even.

It was reported to the police and they hurriedly went to the place and asked Brian of what he has seen in the lake.

The car whose almost breaking apart was towed from the water and a body was seen inside it. The police identified the body and it was David Lee Niles who went missing a few years ago.

Even with the tragic event that happened to David’s family, they were happy and their hearts were relieved after seeing his body. They were thankful to God because after nine years, they were able to finally see him.

The authorities could not still identify the mystery behind David’s case and why the car ended in the lake. They suspected that there was a foul play behind it.

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Source: Infactbuzz