Mga Litrato Ni Bianca Umali ng Kambal Karibal Noong Ay Bata, Tignan Kung Gaano Siya Kaganda Mula Nung Bata Pa Siya

Throwback Thursday have become the trend, and even famous celebrities are doing it. Kambal Karibal’s Bianca Umali had an album of her throwback photos when she was young. She looks like an ordinary chubby cheeks girl who is adorable and looks smart.

She posted on Instagram the album and captioned it with “So, I was looking at an old photo album and found this, throwback! Hahaha!”

Bianca, even in young age is beautiful and looks like to have a future in the entertainment industry. She really is pretty despite being fat. Some people in her younger years called her “tabachoy”.

Now Bianca wear off her fats and confidently, she nailed wearing sexy outfits and even wearing swimsuits. She is ready for summer and ready to flaunt her sexy curves. No one will tell that she used to be a chubby but cute little girl.

Source: celebmagazine