Meet This Stunning Lady With 90 Inches Logn Hair, Real Life Rapunzel

The hair is the crowning glory of a lady; many women do everything to possess a lovely, silky, straight hair. However, t is not easy to achieve a glowing hair that every girl dreamed of. Many girls envied Anastacia Sidorova.

Anastacia is a real-life Rapunzel, she had a 90 inches long hair and was called Rapunzel by many. She suffered severe hair loss in her teenage life, and she undergoes hair treatment. Due to the incident, she lost her self-confidence.

Thanks to the treatment, her hair started to grow and ever since she never cut her hair. She was once suffered Alopecia Areata or known as baldness, but now, she can confidently flaunt her hair.

She regularly takes good care of her hair since her treatment begun. She is training to be a trichologist. Anastacia is also a model, and she has more than 240k followers on Instagram. Many of her followers love her hair and her transformation.

Source: InfactBuzz