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Married Man and a Teacher’s Love Affair Caught By the Wife, The Evidence: Dirty Brief

A third party is often the cause of a marriage falling apart, just like what happened to the love story of Mary Grace Garganta and Richard Garganta. The two are happily married not until a woman, a teacher by profession, went into their love story.

Mary Grace went to Raffy Tulfo in Action to complaint about the two. Richard admitted his love affair to the teacher but the teacher denied it at first. Later on, the teacher admitted it too but Mary Grace didn’t want just to forgive them, she wanted to file a case.

The evidence is very clear and unusual, a dirty brief which seems to be smelly too. The underwear belongs to Richard, according to Mary Grace, it has the semen from his husband and menstruation marks from the teacher.

The case between the two was settled, and Tulfo advised Mary Grace to go back to Masbate where her husband and kids are based and worked there instead so their family will be whole again.

Watch the video below.