Mapag-diskriminang rules ng isang condo binatikos ng madami

Oftentimes, parents who are both busy with their works and have no time to do household chores hires helper/nanny to keep their house in order and/or to watch over their child/children.

Usually, wealthy people are the ones to hire this kind of service and among these people are often residing in a condominium within city where their work is near.

Condominiums are usually low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise and it has elevators from parking level up to penthouse or the building’s peak.

All residents, working personnel, maid, and even delivery personnel uses elevator for a convenient transportation within floor levels especially in high-rise condominiums. Stairs are also a choice but it is quite exhausting. You cannot use stairs to go back and forth especially when the unit where you resides is in 50th floor.

Condominiums typically have house rules, rules and regulations, for a well-ordered residency. It’s for the benefit of all residents but it seems that one of the condominium has inhuman and discriminating house rule of using elevator.

The prominent 8 Wack Wack Road condominium is the one to have this kind of house rule. House rules are often made by Home Owners Association and/or by building administrators.

Photo by: Property Central Inc
Photo by: Property Central Inc

I’ve been in many prominent condominiums through my work and I often use elevators and they have sometimes six to eight elevators. I ride service elevators because it is designated for guests, workers, or delivery personnel but this is the first time I saw such rule posted in a non-service elevator.

I think it’s better if they just announced the rule to unit owners so they can dispose the rule to their helpers or nanny.

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