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Love making during pregnancy: Misconceptions and things to you should know

I bet you also wondered if love making is safe and won’t affect the development of the child during pregnancy.

According to Michele Weiner-Davis, a therapist, she often saw relief from a couple refraining from their urges after being knowledgeable regarding this thing because they thought love making can signify problems from the development of the child.

Love making is an important part in building a healthy, loving, and romantic relationship among partners because it is one of exciting times in a relationship.

These are the misconceptions about love making during pregnancy and this will definitely help to keep your healthy romantic-relationship,

  • The cervix separates the uterus from vagina so you won’t going to hurt the baby. The baby is safe from all the intense love making actions.
  • Love making is perfectly safe at any stage but be sure not to expose you child to any transmitted diseases.
  • Can love making put you to labor? Orgasms can stimulate mild uterine contractions and does not put a women at risk for preterm labor or it is not likely to trigger labor even it is close to due date.
  • Love making does not increases the risk of miscarriage. Most cases happened when fetus is not developing correctly.
  • During pregnancy, belly becomes an obstacle in love making. Try in the side or in front of your partner.
  • Avoid vigorous love making even things are getting intense because it might damage the cervix. Refrain from vigorous cramping.


Source: Thereadersfile