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Kris unfolds a lot about James’ and his comment to Bimby “magiging bakla”

At the very first time, Kris Aquino told everything why his son Bimby Aquino-Yap doesn’t wanted to have communication with his professional basketball player James Yap.

In an exclusive live interview of Kris Aquino to Cristy  Ferminute in Radyo Singko 92.3, happened June 7, Kris told everything why she wanted to end everything between them and James Yap.

Kris also explained why things are complicated again between them after the agreement of Bimby’s custody.

These are what Kris revealed against James,

James does zero effort to personally have a relationship with Bimby. According to her, James even shouted his son and there are witnesses. James said that the child have no respect.

“Inuna niyang pumorma” new year’s day 2017, James and Bimby are going to have bonding time but Bimby’s temperature hit 40 degrees due to fever, Bimby needs medical attention that time as soon as possible but James, instead of hurriedly and personally bring his son to hospital, he dressed with nice outfit and told the house helpers that he will go after them, after he got dressed.

“Magiging bakla” Kris got annoyed with his ex-husband after James said that Bimby is going to be a gay. It was LGBT pride month when James accused Kris in the court that Bimby will become gay because gays are always around with Kris.

James only gifted Bimby socks with all the wealth he got. During election too where James was hired for campaign, he gifted his son a Louis Vuitton backpack on his birthday but that was the last gift he gave and it was year 2016.

For Bimby’s education, he doesn’t even share. James said to Kris, “You did not even consulted me what school he should be in”.

Lastly, Kris added that James got 40 million from their annulment.


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