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Kissing is not just exchanging germs because it has biological functions for overall health

Kissing is said as a way to pass germs from a person to another ultimately for building immunity. It quite unromantic from the ears but it is actually plausible because kissing have biological function for overall health.

Kissing isn’t just a romantic action because it relieves stress and releases epinephrine into blood making it pump faster especially when things are getting intense and below are some benefits you can get from kissing.

  • Strengthen marital partnership

According to study, kissing your partner regularly shows that you care for him/her and you can even find the right person by doing so.

  • Have fun

Kissing releases endorphins, a hormone making us happy. This means you can avoid depression.

  • Helps combat diseases

Saliva exchanging while kissing is not exchanging bacteria. According to study, a woman can develop resistance to cytomegalovirus while kissing. Two or more times of kissing creates anti-infections. You can also survive cold when things got intense.

  • Melting calories in the body

You can start reducing calories with your partner by kissing instead of just sitting.

  • Enables love making

We all know that kissing leads to love making and intense kissing leads to a very intense love making.

  • Helps improve relationship

Kissing builds good intimacy between partners. It shows love and a simple kiss isn’t simple because it means a lot to your lover because it means “I love you”, “take care”, and “goodbye, see you soon”. Kissing also develops oxytocin, a love hormone.

We should always kiss people we love. SHARE the love to our loved ones.


Source: Thereadersfile