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Kilalanin ang Sampung Sikat Na Personalidad Na Hindi Mo Aakalain Na Dumaan Sa Matinding Depresyon

Being sad is normal, and even deep sadness such as depression can happen to everyone. Even celebrities can have depression, but you won’t have any clue unless they reveal it.

Perhaps, as part of their jobs, they want to look and feel professional so they won’t bother people letting know that they are depressed.

Here are 10 Known Personalities Who Pass Through Depression

Jed Madela

One of the excellent OPM performers is Jed, although he looks okay, recently, he suffered from depression. He was very open to what he experienced and thanked all the people who were on his back.

Soliman Cruz

His work is not stable, sometimes he has gigs, and some days he doesn’t have. Soliman undergoes depression for two long years. Fortunately, his wife help him to cope up with also the help of a psychiatrist.

Ebe Dancel

Clinical depression that is what happened to the lead vocalist of Sugarfree.

Janno Gibbs

Despite being a comedian performer, Janno suffered depression too, so no one is exempted.

Joy Cancio

She experienced depression when her career in showbiz become slow and off. Joy has become addicted to gambling that made her depression worst.

Antoinette Taus

After her mother passed away, Antoinette battled with depression for 3 years straight.

Kylie Verzosa

She is an advocate of mental health after she experienced depression for seven months. Despite being beautiful and Miss Internationa, Kylie is still a human being.

Gab Valenciano

For long four years, Gab has been a prisoner of depression. He even posted regarding it on social media, way back in the year 2015.

Sharon Cuneta

Judy Ann Santos is one of Sharon’s friends who help her to cope up with depression.

Maricel Soriano

After her mother passed away, Maricel experienced struggles with depression for four years. She had sleepless nights and sorrowful days.

Source: celebmagazine