Kilalanin Ang Labing-isang Nag-gwagwapuhang Sikat Na Personalidad Na Umaming Sila Ay Bi-sexual o Bakla

When it comes to showbiz, true gender preference reveal always become an issue. Some people believe that one should stay hidden in the closet so it will not affect the career of that person.

Paolo Ballesteros

Paolo always plays gay roles, in fact, one of his most famous movies is “Die Beautiful” where netizens loved his acting. Despite being open to his sexual preference, Paolo still stays discreet about his love life. His makeup transformations proved that Paolo is very talented.

Simon Loresca

Hi how are you today? ? sawass dee kap

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If you’ve seen him catwalking, you can’t resist but to be jealous. He is the king of Catwalk as he nailed it. Despite his being brusk, Simon is homosexual.



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Everyone was surprised seeing a handsome selfie of Boobay without makeup. The comedian is very open to the public and in fact, being gay makes him to fame.

Prince Stefan

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One of the most handsome and a hunk of Starstruck, Prince become open regarding his sexual preference. He is now in a relationship with Paolo Amores, which is a happy couple.

Fifth Solomon

From Pinoy Big Brother, Fifth confessed that he is bisexual which had his twin brother, Fourth cried in tears. Fourth knew that Fifth is bisexual since they were in high school but never told him about it.

Sebastian Castro

He is a famous vlogger who showcases music videos that are gay-themed. Sebastian is very open that he is gay.

BJ Pascual

Sunday Mood #TakePleasureSeriously (Taken with a #GalaxyS9PH)

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One of the most celebrity photographers, BJ admitted that he is not a straight man.

Conrad Ricamora

From the show, “How to Get Away with Murder”, Oliver is a Pinoy. He is very open that he is gay.

Vincent Rodriguez III

Josh from the show, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is a married gay. He committed to his partner in life, Gregory Wright.

Mark Bautista

eh masaya lang..:) #Boracay #preClosing

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Recently, Mark revealed that he is bisexual which surprised many people.

Bretman Rock

A famous YouTuber who is very proud and loud regarding his sexual preference. His being gay brings fame to him and of course, a livelihood too.

Source: celebmagazine