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Karma Finds A Way: Father Complaint Turned Against Him

There are many love story circling the social media platforms; truly, every story is extraordinary and touching. But, there are also some sweet stories that turned out sour. One of those stories with an unpredictable ending is what happened between Jenny and Arvin.

They were together for five years, but the long relationship didn’t end well. Jenny was impregnated by Arvin, but he didn’t want to take responsibility for what he did.

Jenny’s family insisted that Arvin should marry her but later on, Jenny didn’t want to pursue as her lover shew off his true color.

She said that even at the time he knew it, he insisted that she get an abortion.Since his son was graduating as a seaman and is currently undergoing an apprenticeship, there might be some conflicts.

Arvin’s dad complaint about the said wedding in a program, Raffy Tulfo In Action. He wants to get sympathy but what he was reprimanded by the host due to his arrogance. He pushed away by the host and karma works on his own.

Watch the whole video below: