Nag viral sa social media ang isang kasal na hindi nagbayad sa catering at sila pa ang galit

This story was shared in a social media to express his anger towards his client and it might get you very furious because the person was shameless, impudent, and doesn’t know how to pay the service she got perfectly.

Sharing this post might be the key to unleash your anger, but it’s not. Doing what is right in everything we do is the key to a better world.

Migs Melegrito is the person who unleashed and expressed his anger towards his client by means of posting. Migs did posted it because he can’t contain his feelings and it was the very first time that horrible thing happened to him.

A family asked for Migs’ catering service before the wedding and they had good arrangement. The family even bid to lessen the price of the service and made the deal to P30,000.

The package includes:

  • 12 Catering Waiters
  • 3 Layered cake
  • Covered chairs and tables with motif
  • Stage design and skirting
  • Complete utensils
  • Photo and Video with Album
  • Ballon Arch (200 Baloons installed)
  • Dove (rented)
  • Make-up Artist (good for 11 persons)
  • Complete Entourage (Clothes/Dress for Wedding Participants)
  • 2 pcs Tent (20×30)
Photo by: Migs Melegrito
Photo by: Migs Melegrito
Photo by: Migs Melegrito

The family gave P4,000 as down payment for a very glamorous and 100% complete catering service. The caterers even volunteered to wash the dishes even though in the arrangement, the family should be the one to dish wash.

At the time of payment, Migs felt resentful that time because they’re having hard time to get the payment. They even waited for 4 hours but the family members who enjoyed the service was pinpointing into each other who to pay the service.

They didn’t even received Thanks but instead, the family said hurtful words to them when in time of payment.


Let’s see the post and what more they said to Migs and to caterers.


Source: Migs Melegrito