Hindi lang siya isang magaling na komedyante, sa kaniyang Birthday pinakita niya ang tunay na pagmamahal

In many parts of the world, an individual used to celebrate their most special once-in-a-year birthday. It is often associated with birthday gifts, birthday cards, birthday party, and the most important, birthday cake.

Birthday celebration isn’t always extravagant, some celebrants are the happiest when they’re with family celebrating with one of the most important events of their life, birthday. Some also likes to celebrate birthdays with some friends but Vic Sotto, one of the veteran and popular showbiz personality in Philippine entertainment industry, chose to celebrate his birthday with his wife, Pauleen Luna, and his children.

Despite of hectic schedule and lack of time due to each careers, Vic Sotto’s children, Danica, Paulina, Oyo spared their time to celebrate with their father’s birthday. Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto’s infant, Talitha Maria are also in Vic’s 64th birthday.

Vico Sotto was the only one who didn’t make it to attend Vic’s birthday due to an official trip in United States. Vico is currently a Politian with a City Councilor position in Pasig.

Vico was not able to attend to his father’s birthday yet Vico sent his greetings saying, “Happy birthday, Papa! Grew my hair for this post, blonde pala ako (Missing his birthday trip because I’m in #DesMoines to work with the Iowa Public Information Board, fine-tuning my proposal to make our local government more transparent)”

As you can see the photos below, it seems that the comedian and actor quite enjoyed his special day with his family! Let’s SHARE their love!