Here is the life of Maui Taylor after she left her showbiz career

Any local movie enthusiast in 2000s can recognize Maui Taylor as a sexy actress as she turns men’s world upside down on her era.

She reigned for years and been known for her daring roles portrayed on film and television. Gamitan and Sex Drive are just two of her movies that hits the market.

Apart from these, she is also one of the most famous members of Viva Hot Babes. On the spotlight, she was a stunning, young sexy actress but later on chooses to settle down and make her family her priorities.

In late 2013, she gave birth to her son, and her maternal instinct makes her stay at home and be a role model to her kid.

She still wants to go back to showbiz, but on a different level, a mother-figure perhaps will fit her. The fans are inspiring to see her again, but this time, on a modest role.

Will Maui Taylor Pursue A Daring Role Again After Years of Resting From Showbiz?

Source: infactbuzz