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Groin – this is to instantly say goodbye to dark spots in your bikini areas

Are you one among people who have dark groin in bikini areas mostly cause by tight shorts, tight jeans, or excessive sweating? You must be wondering how to lighten it because it somehow loses our confidence. There’s no need for you to stay that way because there are numerous ways to lighten your dark areas without the help of doctors and cosmetic treatments. Some of the most effective ways are the home remedies below.

Your skin can have a beautiful and even tone in the bikini areas once again.

Aloe Vera – due to wide benefits of aloe vera especially to the skin, there is no wonder why it is effective against many skin problems. Aloe vera will erase the dark spots and also provide moisture from dry skin.

How to use: Prepare a whole leaf of aloe vera. Cut and remove the gel and apply to the dark groin and leave for 20 minutes and rinse it. Apply daily until dark spots are erased.


Calamansi – is a natural astringent. It also highly acidic that’s why it is effective in dissolving dead skins. The vitamin C possessed by calamansi will also leave no dark scars behind the affected areas.

How to use: Divide the calamansi into two. Apply its extract to the groin for two minutes. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse.


Cucumber – isn’t only for eye bags because it also whitens the skin especially dark skin. It helps in controlling excessive production of melanin, a group of natural pigments.

How to use: Cut a part and squeeze and apply the extract to the groin. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Apply twice a day.


Orange peel – has a natural bleaching agent. You can use orange peel to whiten dark groin.

How to use: Squeeze the peel and apply the extract to the groin. Do several times a week.


Tomato – naturally rich in lycopene, an anti-oxidant capable of repairing skin damage.

How to use: Cut the tomato. Apply in groin for two minutes. Let the extract stays on the dark skin. Rinse with clean water afterwards. Apply daily.


Source: Thereadersfile